Thousand Islands Race is like any sailboat race, small or big: preparation, challenge, adventure, respect for nature and concern for the safety of the boat and the crew. All this was demonstrated by this year's jubilee 10th edition of the regatta, which passes between more than 1,000 islands in the Croatian part of the Adriatic, and which brings something new every year, attracting 77 sailboats from 17 countries in the past 10 editions.

This year, there were 7 boats at the start in Rijeka, both legs will be talked about for a long time as completely opposite, summarizing the essence of navigational sailing. After the slowest first leg in the 10 years so far, which required a lot of patience and fighting with strong winds, the weather forecast before the second leg from Tivat to Rijeka announced completely opposite conditions with a strong southerly (jugo) in the southern Adriatic and a transition to northerly (bura) in the central and northern Adriatic.

The start in front of the Porto Montenegro marina in the entire Boka Kotor Bay reminded of the first stage while the boats’ speed did not exceed 3 knots. By going around the southernmost point of Croatian coast from the exit to the open sea towards the islet of St. Andrija weather forecast proved to be accurate. A strong southerly even caused technical problems on the boat "Emilia", which had to give up first and diverged from its course to Dubrovnik.

The Austrian "Istros" went through a storm near the Paklin Islands where she had to start the engine for safety and everything went well. However, after puffs reached more than 30 knots, the helmsman and crew, not willing to stress the boat that was rented only for this regatta, decided to give up for safety reasons and took refuge in Šibenik.

The winner of the first leg, the Slovenian "Karpo" with a two-member crew consisting of father and son Maks and Matic Vrečko, remained the only one still racing with a strong desire and will to reach the finish line in Rijeka. After fighting first with the south and then with hard wind and sea with only two crew members throughout the night, at 05:41 "Karpo" sent a message to the race committee: "We tried to pass through the Vir Sea while there was a 25-35 knot gale, now it increased to 35 – 44 knots and continue sailing in such conditions, unfortunately, is no longer possible. The waves are up to 2 meters and the sailboat experienced several strong hits. With the forecast we have that the wind will not weaken soon, the decision to retire from the second leg is the only prudent one. We are going back towards Zadar."

Thus, the second leg of this year's race will be recorded as the first that no one finished. The safety of sailboats and crews comes first, and all decisions to retire are made based on the correct assessments of the helmsman and crews. The results of the first leg thus became the final ones, where the leaderboard of the Thousand Islands Race is:

1. Karpo, Elan 450, Max Vrečko, Slovenia
2. Emilia, X4.6, Alfred Vorderegger, Austria
3. Talanta, Pogo 40 S2, Micheal Puehse, Austria

Regardless of all the adversities and difficult conditions, organisers are keen to welcome all the crews to participate in the regatta next year announced for 14-23 September 2024, and we hope that the soon opening of the ACI Gitone marina in Rijeka will create attractive environment and conditions for larger fleets in the years to come. Results ...


At the start of the first leg of the 10th Thousand Islands Regatta, it was hard to expect that the record of 27h24m05s established in 2015 by the Hungarian "Wild Joe" on the course of 278 NM from Rijeka to Porto Montenegro will be obliterated. However, one record was broken. This year's first leg is the slowest of all 10 editions of the Thousand Islands Race. It took 80h24m58s for Slovenian "Karpo" to reach and cross the finish line in front of the Porto Montenegro marina in Tivat.

And while the start in Rijeka and sailing through Kvarner in conditions of very weak wind has already become familiar to everyone who has ever been to this race, not long after the start we saw something for the first time. The Slovenian crew of "Chili" decided to sail the course on the western side of the island of Cres, which is certainly longer. However, expecting a more favorable wind, they took a risk and, in the end, it turned out that the decision was not bad. Unfortunately, due to damage to one of the sails, they had to retire near Ilovik. The Austrian trimaran "Lightness" also had to give up due to technical problems, while the others continued to fight with light winds, that required a lot of patience and nerves. The worst is for sailors - no wind. Everything else is easier to bear.

The time limit for finishing is 72 hours after the start in Rijeka, but it is extended to 88 hours if no boat finishes within 56 hours after the start. This became evident when, after 56 hours, the sailboats were almost 100 NM from the finish, expecting the wind in the waters of island of Vis. Finally, the southerly filled in and all worries were forgotten. Thunderstorm and rain helped when boats enter Boka Kotor bay and the great triumph of finishing after more than 3 days of sailing.

Slovenian "Karpo" and Austrian "Emilia" sailed very close for almost the entire race and alternated in the lead, and "Karpo" gained a significant advantage at the entrance to the of Boka Kotor bay, finishing a little more than 2 hours ahead of "Emilia". As soon as "Karpo" crossed the finish line, it was clear that she was the overall winner of the first leg under corrected time, because no one could overtake her. This victory gains even more value considering that it was achieved by a two-man crew consisting of father and son, Maks and Matic Vrečko. Third is the Austrian "Talanta", which finished a little after midnight, entering the fifth day of sailing after the start.

Due to the long duration of the first stage, the organizers modified the schedule to let crews recuperate. Prize giving of the first leg will be held on Friday, 22 September at 12:00, after which the second leg is scheduled to start at 18:00. Results ...


Sailing Club of Rijeka and Porto Montenegro Yacht Club are privileged to announce dates and invite sailors to the tenth Thousand Islands Race from 16 - 25 September 2023. The race that is run among more than 1000 Adriatic islands is sailed on what we like to call as the best offshore course that nature may design.

There are two legs and participating yachts can choose to race leg 1 only, leg 2 only or both legs. First leg is starting on Monday, September 18th at 12:00 in front of the historic Rijeka harbour in Croatia. Race course is set to leave islands Unije, Susak, Premuda, Dugi Otok, Kornat, Vis, Lastovo and Sv. Andrija on starboard and finish in front of Porto Montenegro marina in Tivat, Montenegro. Over distance of about 280 miles, challenge of navigating among the many islands and channels of the Croatian coast and fascinating Boka Kotorska bay await competitors. In return they are awarded by pleasure of sport and stunning region's natural beauty known around the world for its character.

After the prize giving party on Thursday, September 21st, the fleet races back to Rijeka on the same course, starting on Friday, September 22nd followed by the prize giving scheduled for Monday, September 25th in Rijeka.

The 1000 islands + 2 race is planned on Thursday, September 21st in Boka bay. Thousand Islands Race, already outstanding sailing experience in addition with its social events in Rijeka and Porto Montenegro marina would give good time together, seeing fellow sailors and meeting new friends.

Both legs records were set in 2015 by Hungarian Wild Joe. 27h 25m 5s with average speed of 10.14 kt for Leg 1 and 32h 45s with speed of 8.86 kt for Leg 2 are recognized by the World Speed Sailing Record Council. This is new challenge for Thousand Islands Race participants and opportunity to be listed in World Speed Sailing Records.

Please consult Notice of Race for details as well as logistic information about both venues. There are options for crew availability. In addition we would be very happy to answer your queries via
The easiest way to make your entry is on-line entry form. We are looking forward to see list of entered boats grow and host top sailors on this unique offshore race.

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