Rijeka is a city with 130.000 inhabitants or 180.000 together with the surrounding area. Rijeka is the city with the most baroque marble alters on the eastern coast of Adriatic.

In 1833 in Rijeka started to work the first steam engine in the southeastern Europe. In Rijeka, the first torpedo in the world was constructed and manufactured. In Rijeka, the flight of the gunshot was photographed for the first time in the history. Rijeka's Carnival is the biggest in Croatia and one of the biggest in this part of Europe.

Good connections with the hinterland, modern port facilities and strong naval and commercial tradition helped Rijeka to develop into Croatia's biggest port. It also represents an important European transit port.

The town saw a more intense development in the 18th century, increased by the construction of the Louise Road (1810, to Karlovac), the port and, particularly, the railroads to Budapest and Vienna. Between the two World Wars, as Rijeka was cut off from the immediate hinterland, the port of Rijeka lost its original importance, but its eastern part, the port of Susak, started to develop. After 1945 Rijeka restored its position as a large centre of commerce and maritime affairs (seating several shipping companies), with developed industry (shipyard, oil refinery, diesel engines, ship cranes, ship equipment, paper, etc.).

The geographical position of Rijeka is crucial for its tourist image. This is where a visitor in transit meets the sea for the first time, regardless of whether coming by road or rail. The access to Rijeka is extremely attractive - both from the west and from the east - and the access from the sea offers the most charming view on Rijeka. The natural and cultural features of Rijeka, the Mediterranean climate, and the closer and broader surroundings of the mountainous landscape of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County add to the value of the city.

The area around Rijeka represents the most developed tourist region in Croatia, with a tradition dating back to the 19th century; more than a half of the foreign tourists visiting Croatia stay in Rijeka. The importance of industry in Rijeka does not allow the city to develop into a holiday centre. However, by being the third largest city in Croatia and an important business centre, Rijeka has developed into a strong centre of business tourism.




With the sea on our doorstep and architecture that mirrors the nearby Venetian towns of Kotor and Perast, Porto Montenegro melds a spectacular destination with a world-class marina and services. Designed by yachtsmen for yachtsmen, the marina is located in the Bay of Kotor, Europe's most southerly fiord and a UNESCO World Heritage site. It features 185 secure berths ranging from 12 to 150 metres, with a further 185 in planning – more than 50 of which will be dedicated to yachts over 45 meters.

Complemented by spacious waterside residences, signature restaurants, lively bars and a wide range of sports, leisure and cultural activities, Porto Montenegro was created with every aspect of the yacht owner, crew and guests’ experience in mind. Yacht-friendly legislation offers some of the most favourable benefits in Europe, while 24/7 Yacht Assist experts help with everything from supplying your favourite champagne to solving technical problems.

Already home to an international community, Porto Montenegro is an intimate collection of waterfront and promenade homes. Designed by world-renowned Tino Zervudachi of Milinaric, Henry & Zervudachi, and with landscaping by Martin Lane Fox, Vice Chairman of the Royal Horticultural Society, the homes unite traditional architecture and contemporary lines with soft colours, elegant stone and hardwoods.

Enviable views over the Bay take in some of the most magnificent and graceful yachts afloat, while charming piazzas, restaurants and shops nearby offer all the convenience and serenity of waterfront living. A 24-hour concierge takes care of all a homeowner's needs, while private swimming pools are available to residents only. Each property has a dedicated parking space. Montenegro's wild beauty provides the perfect backdrop day after day.


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